Exploring Ethical Issues in Relation to the Digital Practices of Young Children: A Collaborative Workshop for Practitioners and Researchers

Poveda, D; Matsumoto, M; Aliagas. C. and Morgade, M. (2019). Exploring ethical issues in relation to the digital practices of young children: A collaborative workshop for practitioners and researchers. Papers infancia_c nº 23, pp. 1-14. In this paper we present a possible format for a workshop-training event designed to engage… Continue reading

Arts and Ethnography in a Contemporary World: From Learning to Social Participation

Ferro, L. and Poveda, D. (eds.), (2019), Arts and ethnography in a contemporary world: From learning to social participation. London: The Tufnell Press. Teaching and learning practices around arts in various formal and informal contexts are increasingly at the centre of ethnographic research. In parallel, artists and arts researchers are engaging… Continue reading