Mitsuko Matsumoto

(M) I am a Professor at the Faculty of Education, UNIR (Universidad Internacional de la Rioja) and currently involved in a research project «Kids’ Digital lives in Corona times (KiDiCoTi)» coordinated by EC-Joint Research Centre. I have also collaborated in the past with Educational Research Network for West and Central Africa (ERNWACA), Golden Web Foundation in the UK, Education for Employment (EFE) Foundation in Madrid, and the University of Makeni, Sierra Leone. My research interests in the medium-terms are around the following three areas: (1) Digital practices of young children and their relationships to ‘learning’ in a broad sense; (2) Exploration and advancement of qualitative, multimodal, visual, participatory/collaborative methodology in research with children and young people; (3) Exploration of education for children’s happiness (4) Young people’s socio-educational identities, aspirations, and trajectories, and the changing place of TVET and academic education in them.

A long-term objective is to develop these lines of research in relation to broader themes which I have explored when I have started my research career: peace and sustainable development of societies, and the well-being of children and young people, especially of those who are disadvantaged. +Info: UNIR Profile / / ResearchGate

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