DigiLitEY Research Methods Think Tank

Madrid, 7-8 February 2019
Location: La Corrala Cultural Center – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


WG5 of the DigiLitEY COST Action will host a «think tank» meeting focused on current and future methodological challenges in research on young children’s digital literacies and practices. The objectives of meeting are: (1) To map and critically discuss the range of methodological approaches and traditions that are currently shaping research on the digital literacies and practices of young children; (2) To reflect on how these approaches respond to central issues in the current/future research agenda in relation to children and digital media/technologies; (3) To review how research in this field connects with education policy, and pedagogic practices in schools, homes and communities.

In a 1.5 program a group European and local researchers, external and internat to the COST Action and with different research experiences and trajectories, will meet to collectively discuss their own work in the context of the questions posed by the organizers of the think tank. A report from this event will be outlined in the meeting and completed and circulated in the coming months. See schedule and participants here: (pdf)

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