Informal learning and school activities about music: «Tell me how I do what I know how to do»

Morgade, M; Verdesoto, A; Poveda, D. and González-Mohino, J.M. (2016). Informal learning and school activities about music: “Tell me how I do what I know how to do”. Papers infancia_c nº 13, 1-18. 

This paper presents a project we began with a series of presuppositions about the type of possible answers that a group of teenage students could give to our request for collaboration in our study about the place and meaning of music in their lives. Presumptions, questions and answers that were transformed and re-contextualized in a process of negotiation of subjectivities and intersubjectivities of all parties in the classroom where the work was conducted. The paper, especially the part where we present the results, primarily reports a dialogue between the various actors that where involved in the experience and of how this dialogue generated the transformations and insights we tentatively develop here. The main interlocutors are Marta Morgade, as main researcher/field-worker during the project, Alberto Verdesoto, the teacher and co-researcher of this educational innovation experience and the many students they have collaborated during the experience. To these ever visible voices, Juan Manuel González-Mohino (research assistant) and David Poveda (research colleague in the project) are added as collaborators in the analysis and discussion of the materials but with a smaller presence in the field and the day-to-day unfolding of the experience. Full Text: (pdf)

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