From Reflexivity to Normalization: Parents and Children Confronting Disclosure in Families Formed through Assisted Reproduction Involving Gamete Donation

Poveda, D; Moscoso, M.F. and Jociles, M.I. (2018). From reflexivity to normalization: Parents and children confronting disclosure in families formed through assisted reproduction involving gamete donation. Human Organization, 77 (1), 10-21. This article explores how parents and children in families formed through assisted reproductive technologies involving gamete donation (ART-D) experience… Continue reading

Changing Digital Media Environments and Youth Audiovisual Productions

Poveda, D. and Morgade, M. (2018). Changing digital media environments and youth audiovisual productions: Transformations in two collaborative research experiences with South Madrid adolescents. Young: Nordic Journal of Youth Research, 26 (4S), 1-22. Abstract This article compares two studies conducted in Madrid in a seven–eight years span in which secondary… Continue reading

Implementing a Point-Based Rewards System as an Educational Tool in Children’s Home: From Standardisation to Coconstruction and Negotiation

Palomares, M; Poveda, D. and Hall, C. (2017). Implementing a point-based rewards system as an educational tool in children’s home: From standardisation to coconstruction and negotiation. Child & Society (on-line first). doi:10.1111/chso.12255 From a wider educational ethnography, we analysed the implementation of a point-based reward system as an educational tool… Continue reading

Repensando la etnografía desde lugares de artesanía y construcción colectiva

Aguirre García-Carpintero, A; Moliner Miravet, L. y Traver Martí, J. (2017). Repensando la etnografía desde lugares de artesanía y construcción colectiva. ETNIA-E: Cuadernos de Investigación Etnográfica sobre Infancia, Adolescencia y Educación del IMA / FMEE n° 12 (Octubre),  1-15. En este artículo planteamos el posicionamiento metodológico elaborado para llevar a… Continue reading