Photographs as a Research Tool in Child Studies: Some Analytical Metaphors and Choices

Poveda, D; Matsumoto, M; Morgade, M. and Alonso, E. (2018). Photographs as a research tool in child studies: Some analytical metaphors and choices. Qualitative Research in Education, 7 (2), 170-196. This methodological paper discusses how photographs can be used in multi-layered data projects with children and families. We present photographs… Continue reading

Doing Masculinity: The “Look” of Unaccompanied Male Migrant Teenagers from the Maghreb

Mendoza, K. y Morgade, M. (2018, Online First). Doing masculinity: The “look” of unaccompanied male migrant teenagers from the Maghreb. Men & Masculinities. DOI: 10.1177/1097184X17748169 The aim of this article is to engage with unaccompanied migrant Maghrebi boys’ styles of physical self-presentation, “looks,” and hairstyles as a source of knowledge… Continue reading

From Reflexivity to Normalization: Parents and Children Confronting Disclosure in Families Formed through Assisted Reproduction Involving Gamete Donation

Poveda, D; Moscoso, M.F. and Jociles, M.I. (2018). From reflexivity to normalization: Parents and children confronting disclosure in families formed through assisted reproduction involving gamete donation. Human Organization, 77 (1), 10-21. This article explores how parents and children in families formed through assisted reproductive technologies involving gamete donation (ART-D) experience… Continue reading