11/Apr/23: Online

12-13/Apr/23: Onsite Centro Cultural La Corrala – UAM (Madrid, Spain)


David Poveda (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Henar Rodríguez (Universidad de Valladolid) and Urszula Markowska-Manista (University of Warsaw)

Childhood Studies has established itself as a complex and productive transdisciplinary research area over the past decades, building a distinct discourse in relation to other established disciplines who share an interest on children and youth, developmental processes, the life-cycle and intergenerational relations across contexts. For researchers and academics coming from a variety of disciplines, such as Psychology, Anthropology, Education, Linguistics, Geography, etc. participation in this transdisciplinary terrain has provided opportunities for conceptual and methodological innovation and creativity, dialogue with authors building from a wide-range of perspectives and the possibility of contributing to relevant conceptual and practical debates in the social sciences from the perspective of children and young people as social actors .

The research group based at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid «Infancia Contemporánea / Contemporary Childhood» and the network of colleagues that support the group have modestly, but enthusiastically, contributed to these discussions. In particular, we have cared about providing spaces for supportive discussion of research ideas, projects and findings broadly connected to a full array of questions and concerns about the lives and experiences of children and youth in contemporary societies. Workshops Infancia_c inaugurated in 2013 have been one of these forums. These meetings are structured around 1-2 day small-sized events of presentations and substantive discussion of on-going research by colleagues from around the world. Each of the past workshops was designed around a specific thematic focus and took place with a format (online, on-site or hybrid) adjusted to the focus of the call, the needs of participants and surrounding circumstances in the world. 

WS#10 builds on this work and invites participants to take an open and broad look at the state of the field, the future of childhood studies and the role of each individual project in the shaping of our shared interests and fields of study. It is also an opportunity to celebrate (why not!) and reiterate our commitment to support discussion and research in the years to come. While maintaining the spirit of small-sized events that favor exchange and discussion, the 2024 Workshop is designed with a longer time-table, a more purposeful bilingual design and a day dedicated to more interactive workshops and creative installations that take advantage of the possibilities that Centro Cultural La Corrala (an UAM civic center located in downtown Madrid) offers to participants and visitors.


Complete the form below to register for ws_ic#10 (online/onsite), wether you are a presenting author or will simply be an attendant. Participation in the Workshop is free but requires registration. For the onsite event spaces are limited and non-presenting participants will be accepted by strict order of registration. The online event requires this first registration to receive the online link forms. In addition, the program for the 13th of April will include exhibits and participatory workshops that may have their own registration process later on.

Registration: Registration-Form-WS#10


Day 1-2 will be dedicated to presentations of on-going research. Each participant will have a 30 minute presentation slot (20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes for questions/discussion) and each day-event will have extended dedicated slots for open discussion and commentary on the presentations of the day. Presentations can be delivered as «traditional» oral presentations of research or can explore other delivery formats (audio-visual, performative, etc.) within the space and time limitations of the day. 

Day 3 is an «experimental» session in which interested participants can organize workshops for other researchers and/or children and families from the community. There are also exhibit spaces available for one-day installations or displays of research artwork. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have ideas, we will see how they can be accommodated into Workshop Infancia_c#10!.  

Presentations can be in Spanish or English and we will organize the program based on the language choices of participants. We foster translanguaging and bilingual communication in our workshops and can provide informal support between Spanish and English and other languages spoken by participants in the events. 

Day 1: Thursday, 11 April 2024: Online (Full Day – CET) – Presentations. 

Day 2: Friday, 12 April 2024: Onsite (Full Day – CET / La Corrala – UAM) – Presentations.

Day 3: Saturday, 13 April 2024: Onsite (10:00h-14:00h – CET / La Corrala – UAM) – Workshops & Installations.

Full Detailed Program:

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