Workshop Infancia_c#9: Spaces, Places and Materialities in Research on Childhoods

20-21 of April 2023
Hybrid Event

20 April 2023: On-site, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Madrid, Spain)
21 April 2023: Online

Workshop Infancia_c#9: Spaces, Places and Materialities in Research on Childhoods

Places and spaces are important categories that give meaning to childhoods in different parts of the real world (geographical dimension) and the virtual world (Internet). Childhoods happen, are constructed, deconstructed and are explored in diverse places and spaces. Places and spaces are critical constructs in theories on childhoods and early childhood education. Childhoods and early childhood education happen and are always correlated with a given place and involve given spaces.

Critical approaches in the study of childhood places and spaces challenge researchers and practitioners alike because of the constant change and instability of discourses and contextual as well as geographical, political, economic-social and cultural conditions that shape people, and the actions people take to shape those conditions. Simultaneously, spatio-temporal understandings of children’s practice are mediated by diverse analytical scales, senses and materialities.

In this workshop, we bring together a group of interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners who incorporate space/place/materialities in their examination of contemporary childhoods. In doing so, we aim to introduce and discuss diverse projects conducted in different contexts and from various theoretical-methodological perspectives. The workshop will be tentatively organized as a two-day hybrid research seminar open to international participation combining presentations and moments for open discussion. The first day will be devoted to on-campus face-to-face sessions. The second day we intend to organize a full-day online event open to presenters and registered participants. The workshop is hosted by Infancia Contemporanea / Contemporary Childhood research group based at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Workshops Infancia_c are conceived as small research seminars aimed at group exchange and discussion. More information on pasts events is available at

Program Workshop_ic#9: (pdf)


Registration for this workshop is free of cost for presenters and attendees. The on-site event (April 20th) has very limited spaces for non-presenting audience. The on-line event (April 21st can host up to 150 participants, including presenters). All participants (presenters and attendants) have to register for the event. In the case there are more registered participants that possible attendants for each session the organization will select attendees and confirm the registration process. Registration closes Monday 17th April 2023.

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For information and queries regarding the organization of the workshop contact:
David Poveda (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid):
Urszula Markowska-Manista (University of Warsaw):

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