Exploring Ethical Issues in Relation to the Digital Practices of Young Children: A Collaborative Workshop for Practitioners and Researchers

Poveda, D; Matsumoto, M; Aliagas. C. and Morgade, M. (2019). Exploring ethical issues in relation to the digital practices of young children: A collaborative workshop for practitioners and researchers. Papers infancia_c nº 23, pp. 1-14.

In this paper we present a possible format for a workshop-training event designed to engage practitioners with ethical issues surrounding an emergent topic: experiences of young children (aged between 0 and 8) with digital media and technologies. The workshop-training event is set up as a collaborative discussion space between researchers/facilitators and participants/practitioners seeking a first exploration of the topic, where research on technology and learning is being carried out intensely during recent years, including in the field of Education. We draw the methodology of the workshop as well as the theoretical framing on ethics from qualitative research traditions, and the space is conceived as a flexible and adaptable work-plan that can be implemented or adapted across a variety of professional and training scenarios. To discuss and illustrate the implementation of the workshop we draw from the experience of a first workshop event organized with a heterogeneous group of participants that included researchers, educators and practitioners in the fields of early childhood, digital technologies and educational services in the context of an international research network meeting in the area of young children’s digital literacies. The positive experience of the workshop points towards the potential that workshop-training events have as a methodological tool in research that enables situated, collaborative and community-based thinking about emergent topics which are interdisciplinary in nature. Full text here: (pdf)


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