A Day in the Digital Lives of Children Aged 0-3: Final Report

Gillen, J. Matsumoto, M., Aliagas, C., Bar-lev, Y., Clark, A., Flewitt, R.S., Jorge, A., Kumpulainen, K., Marsh, J., Morgade, M., Pacheco, R., Poveda, D., Sairanen, H., Sandberg, H., Scott, F., Sjöberg, U., Sundin, E., Tigane, I., & Tomé, V. (2018). A Day in the Digital Lives of Children Aged 0-3: Final Report. DigiLitEY ISCH COST Action 1410 Working Group 1: Digital Literacy in Homes and Communities.

This report summarises the work carried out as part of the research of DigiLitEY Working Group 1 ‘Digital Literacy in Homes and Communities’. We implemented a highly participatory and intensive research methodology with 13 families, with the focus on one child in each family. The focal children, eight girls and five boys, were aged between nine months and 34 months at the time of the visits. Families were recruited from Finland (1), Israel (1), Portugal (3), Spain (2), Sweden (2) and UK (4). The research methodology was mainly a qualitative case study approach: ‘Day in the Life’ (DITL) (Gillen et al., 2007; Gillen & Cameron, 2010) – using a combination of interviews, observational field notes and video recordings to collect data – with the focus being on one day in the life of the child and their family. Additionally, we collected comparable quantitative data in the form of inventories, such as, inventories of technologies available in the home. (Extract from executive summary) Full Report: (pdf)

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