Changing Digital Media Environments and Youth Audiovisual Productions

Poveda, D. and Morgade, M. (2018). Changing digital media environments and youth audiovisual productions: Transformations in two collaborative research experiences with South Madrid adolescents. Young: Nordic Journal of Youth Research, 26 (4S), 1-22.


This article compares two studies conducted in Madrid in a seven–eight years span in which secondary school students (14–15 years of age) were asked to collaboratively create digital audiovisual narratives. In the first project, adolescents seemed to consider their audiovisual materials as transparent and with self-evident meanings. In the second project, adolescents problematized meaning and reflexively examined the design of audiovisual media. We explore two distinct but complementary factors that might help interpret the differences: (a) rapid historical changes in the digital narratives adolescents are exposed to and engage with and (b) methodological differences in the way adolescents were supported and guided during the creation of their audiovisual narratives. Through this analysis, we draw on an ethnographically grounded notion of ‘mediatization’ that helps unpack both rapid transformations in adolescent’s digital mediascape and how digital practices are socially co-constructed in collaborative projects with youth. «On-line first» version: link

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