Socialization into single-parent-by-choice family life

Poveda, D; Jociles, M.I. y Rivas, A. (2014). Socialization into single-parent-by-choice family life. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 18 (3), 319-344.

This paper examines family interactions between mothers and children in single-parent-by-choice (SPBC) families in Spain. The data is part of a larger multi-sited ethnographic study focused on emergent family structures that examined families formed by women who began their family projects through adoption or assisted reproduction. Single-mothers-by-choice formulate various socialization goals that are tied to the complexities of their non- conventional family project. These goals are also realized in daily conversation, particularly when families talk about future events in their lives. Our findings expand existing family language socialization research in Western contexts, which has primarily focused on conventional two-parent families, and invite developing a stronger dialogue between family language socialization research and current debates on changing kinship structures in post-industrial societies.

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