Workshop #3: Learning, Education, Identities, and Musical Experiences: Ethnographic Approaches

Twitter time-line: #wsmadrid2015 LEARNING, EDUCATION, IDENTITIES, AND MUSICAL EXPERIENCES: ETHNOGRAPHIC APROACHES 17-18 April 2015 (Friday-Saturday) Goals This small two-day conference/workshop gathers empirical and methodological papers that document and discuss the place of music and closely related expressive practices in the daily lives of people across the life-span and in a… Continue reading

Language in context: An ecological turn to embodied language

Murillo, Galera & Casla: «“Which one is different?” :gestures and speech combination beyond the two-word stage» Gestures and speech combinations have a crucial role on early lexical and syntactic development. Nonetheless, little is known about the role of these combinations on language learning beyond the two-word stage. The aim of… Continue reading