Workshop Infancia_c#5 : Research, Resistance and Solidarity (7 July 2017)

Presentation With the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections and the EU referendum, we are seeing the rise of right-wing political movements in both the U.S. and Europe and a corresponding rise in hate crimes against immigrants and Muslims, xenophobia, nativism, and policies and practices that are harmful to immigrant communities and… Continue reading

Workshop Infancia_c #4: Hacia una red de investigación sobre etnografía colaborativa en educación, infancia y juventud

En esta jornada (Workshop Infancia_c#4) compartiremos trabajos cuatro equipos de investigación que han estado colaborando informalmente en los últimos años. Participarán presentando sus lineas de trabajo investigadores/as de la Universitat Jaume I, Universidad de Zaragoza, Universitat Pompeu Fabra y la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Igualmente, en la segunda parte de… Continue reading

Workshop #3: Learning, Education, Identities, and Musical Experiences: Ethnographic Approaches

Twitter time-line: #wsmadrid2015 LEARNING, EDUCATION, IDENTITIES, AND MUSICAL EXPERIENCES: ETHNOGRAPHIC APROACHES 17-18 April 2015 (Friday-Saturday) Goals This small two-day conference/workshop gathers empirical and methodological papers that document and discuss the place of music and closely related expressive practices in the daily lives of people across the life-span and in a… Continue reading