SI: Ethnographic Explorations of the Arts and Education

Special Issue Call for Ethnography and Education Journal (to be published in 2018) Guest Editors: Pat Thomson (The University of Nottingham), David Poveda (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and Lígia Ferro (Universidade do Porto) This special issue brings together detailed ethnographic studies of social practice and action in a variety of social contexts where… Continue reading

Workshop #3: Learning, Education, Identities, and Musical Experiences: Ethnographic Approaches

Twitter time-line: #wsmadrid2015 LEARNING, EDUCATION, IDENTITIES, AND MUSICAL EXPERIENCES: ETHNOGRAPHIC APROACHES 17-18 April 2015 (Friday-Saturday) Goals This small two-day conference/workshop gathers empirical and methodological papers that document and discuss the place of music and closely related expressive practices in the daily lives of people across the life-span and in a… Continue reading