Workshop Infancia_c #6: Materiales / Materials (6-7 April 2018)

Aquí puedes encontrar los materiales generados por los/as participantes en el Workshop Infancia_c #6: Estudios Culturales de la Infancia / Cultural Studies of ChildhoodSe trata principalmente de pequeños videos o textos escritos. Si los comentas o compartes en otros medios, por favor, utiliza el hashtag #wsic6 y crearemos un link a estos hilos aquí.

Here are the materials generated by participants in the Workshop Infancia_c #6: Estudios Culturales de la Infancia / Cultural Studies of ChildhoodThese are mainly videos and short texts. If you share or comment them in other social media please use #wsic6 as a hashtag and we will add a link to these threads here.

(1) Mar Gil: Jugadores de Rol

(2) Gabrielle Oliveira: Transnational Families in a Global World


(3) Sally Galman Campbell: Your Research Participants Are Making Paper Airplanes Out of That Fancy Journal Article

(4) Diana Rodríguez: Conflicto armado y juventud: Aproximaciones metodológicas desde la etnografía visual: (pdf) + Link  al  vídeo (requiere invitación)

(5) Miriam Thangaraj: The work that ‘child labor’ does: A consideration of the autonomous worker in neoliberal times


(6) Frances Vavrus: Topographies of power: Critical historical geography and youth studies in Tanzania (Slides+Audio)

(7) Jennifer Keys Adair: Agency and Children

(8) Roozbeh Shirazi: What are the methodological implications for anthropologists of education and youth studies when schooling and access to schools are increasingly securitized?

(9) Travis Wright: Trauma and learning: Towards a trauma-informed pedagogy (slides+audio)

(Participant list/short bios: google-doc (under construction)