Workshop Infancia_c #6: Estudios Culturales de la Infancia / Cultural Studies of Childhood (6-7 April 2018)

Workshop Infancia_c # 6: Estudios Culturales de la Infancia  / Cultural Studies of Childhood

6-7 Abril 2018, La Corrala – UAM (Madrid)

Organizers: David Poveda, Marta Morgade and Lesley Bartlett


Participants in the workshop will explore the relationship between theoretical, epistemological, and methodological issues in childhood studies. We will interrogate a set of interlocking questions: how are childhood and youth changing, empirically; how have our understandings of these experiences changed, conceptually; and what new methodological approaches have been developed or need to be developed in order to generate insights regarding childhood and youth? We seek to theorize and historicize understandings even as we situate childhood and youth studies within contemporary social, cultural, and global contexts.

Format – Participation

The workshop will not involve presenting papers. Rather, participants will discuss key questions and themes proposed by the organizers throughout the working sessions planned for the workshop (6 April: Morning / (Possible Afternoon) – 7 April: Morning). A series of initial presentations will set the stage for the discussions (more details on the format later on). The workshop will allow for a variety of on-line and off-line forms of participation:

(a) Share short videos (approximately 3 minutes) presenting participants response / take on the key themes of the workshop

(b) Short written statements (approximately 1000-1500 words) presenting participants approach to the key themes of the workshop.

(c) On-site participation in the discussions during the two days of the workshop.

(d) Participate in the extended discussion on these themes that will be facilitated through the workshop blog-space and social media.

Participants may contribute through one, a combination or all of these means. Once interested participants have expressed their interest in participating in the workshop and the format in which they intend to participate, the workshop coordinators will provide specific guidelines. The working language of the event will be Spanish but, as always, multilingual communication is possible and encouraged.

Researchers / Practitioners interested in participating in the event should pay attention to the following deadlines and commitments: (1) 19 March 2018: confirm interest in participating in the workshop through a 100 word statement providing personal details, research/thematic interests and type of contribution within the categories above  (e-mail:, (2) 1 April 2018. If the contribution is accepted for the workshop provide the materials you intended to provide (e.g. video link, written statement, etc.) so it can be shared and made accessible before the working sessions of 6-7 April 2018.

Venue and Registration

The workshop will take place at La Corrala, a museum / cultural center run by UAM in downtown Madrid (c/ Carlos Arniches 3-5). We have reserved a working space for around 25 participants.  There is not registration fee for the workshop, the organizers will provide refreshments and coffee during the workshop and will make arrangements to have a menu of the day lunch at a local restaurant on Friday (to be ṕaid by each participant).

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